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Choosing Faux Wood blinds? Things you should know

Faux Wood Blinds

We’ve talked a bit about faux wood blinds here at the Signature Shutters blog, but some of you may still have some questions about them. Today we’ll try to answer a few of those questions.

What are Faux Wood blinds made of?

Faux wood blinds imply “fake” or “false” wood. Most faux wood blinds are made of vinyl and vinyl compounds. Some are a combination of wood and vinyl. This gives an appearance of wood at a lower cost and they are usually better at resisting moisture.


While faux wood blinds are beautiful and a great option, there are reasons people prefer real wood blinds. For one, real wood tends to provide better insulation than their faux counterparts. There are often limits as to the sizes companies can make faux wood blinds and the available colors. Some faux wood blinds are not as strong as real wood and aging isn’t always kind to the faux blinds . When taken care of, however, both wood and faux wood blinds can remain beautiful and be a great addition to any home.

Installing Faux Wood Blinds

Most faux wood blinds require slightly different steps of installation than real wood. Some models require more string (ladders) to support the blind due to a difference in weight per slat. Installation is fairly simple and sturdy, generally speaking this is the process.
Measure: The window frame needs to be measured accurately before the blinds can be manufactured.

Box bracket: This is installed to hold the headrail, which holds the blinds.

Headrail: This is installed, followed by the valence. The valence may need to be adjusted and cut to fit the headrail properly.

This simple process allows for easy installation and removal of faux wood blinds.
How to remove faux wood blinds?
Blinds should be open before removing.

Remove the blinds from the box bracket or supports.

Remove the bracket or supports.

When present, remove the center support.

The removal is simple, and much of it is done by depressing small holding tabs and then using basic screwdrivers. Very few tools are needed, making this an easy process. Some people even choose to remove just the blinds (leaving the brackets or supports) to make cleaning simpler.

Consider Signature Shutters for your wood and faux wood blinds needs! We don’t just do shutters! And remember, we are the manufacturer, seller, and installation team, so you’re paying for the product, not for the transportation. You’re not paying for multiple companies to make a profit. We’ve removed the middle man and will even offer free installation in most cases!