About us

At Signature Shutters we do whatever we can to provide every customer with shutters at the most affordable cost! Foot for foot we offer some of the best prices for the areas of Southern California, Orange Country California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. We understand that the demand for quality shutters is increasing as the style gains in popularity, seeing as they were mainly popular in the New England and Southern areas we are very excited to see shutters gaining popularity throughout the country!

Our shutters are wonderful for home, office, and business uses! From small homes to estates, doctors’ offices to lawyers offices, from fine dining to small town sandwich joints. Any building with windows can benefit from properly installed and customized shutters! Save money on your heating and cooling bills, decrease your need for lamps, and change up your look a little bit. Our prices per square foot are a steal compared to other companies.

Why should you install shutters, you may be asking yourself? For starters, they look amazing and are a great way to change up the look of your home without spending a fortune or taking about a second mortgage on your home. They are also a fantastic way to increase the value and functionality of your home. They allow or very precise control of the temperature, light, and privacy of your home, office, or business. The whole point of shutters is there’s more than just the open and closed setting like many curtains and blinds offer.

If you aren’t quite ready for a commitment like shutters, or you aren’t a shutter fan, we also offer wood and faux wood blinds . Both options are long lasting and beautiful while being very functional. Other blinds gather lot of dirt and dust and are a pain to clean but our blinds are simpler to clean without removing the unit from the window. We can also customize the shutters as far as color, size, and materials go.

Every job we do includes intense levels of customization and most of our work includes free installation (depending on proximity to our main buildings). Every job is handled by us from start to finish because Signature Shutters is the manufacturer, installation crew, and everything in between. You are dealing with us from start to finish, meaning you are not paying the middle man (because there is no middle man). This keeps product quality high and cost to you low. Ask about estimates, measurements, installation, or any other questions or comments regarding our products and services. Our end goal is to leave you with a product you can love, admire, and use daily. Stop shopping for curtains and other window coverings because Signature Shutters has you covered for all of your door and window shutter or blind needs.

Basswood Shutters – Wood Blinds – Fauxwood Blinds

Signature Shutters proudly offers a wide choice of custom made Plantation Shutters . Our wood shutters are custom painted or custom stained to match any decor, with a wide range of framing choices, hardware options and louver sizes available.

Custom Crafted Wood shutters start at:

  • $12.95 sqft (Painted)
  • $13.95 sqft (Sand-blasted)
  • $15.95 sqft (Stained)