What options do you have for Arched Windows shutters?

Exploring our options for window shutters has led us to see what we can do about our arched windows.

Shutters on arched windows

Shutters on arched windows

Arched Windows

Small arched windows are the great way to allow more light into the room without sacrificing privacy unlike with large windows when placed high on the wall (excellent option for small bathrooms). Larger windows with an arched top can add a different look and extra sunlight! The downside? It can be hard to get shutters or other window treatments for these windows due to the range of sizes and shapes and the curvature. If you’re looking for shutters for your arched windows, look no further than Signature Shutters !

Arched windows can come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. Grilles are common on arched windows (and even most square or rectangle windows) and come in many styles themselves. Some feature more of a sunburst style and others just follow a similar pattern to the rest of the window. Regardless of the number or orientation of the grilles as well as shape and size of your arched windows we can give you the shutters of your dreams! No more searching high and low at other stores looking for something that’ll fit your windows. No need to get a shutter that only fit’s the rectangle portion of your windows, and never again but curtains that hang to the sides of the arched portion of your windows just to gain a little privacy. Blinds and curtains don’t usually work well for arched windows but our shutters are both affordable and stylish so you don’t have to sacrifice style for privacy.

Chances are you chose arched windows for a different look and overall unique appeal, so that makes it frustrating when you can’t get what you want in the way of window treatments. At Signature Shutters we can custom make, fit, and install shutters for even the oddest of arched windows. Chose your wood, color, louver, and more to make this fit your personal style. Turn heads when you have company over and they see how beautiful your new window treatments are. They’ll think you spent a fortune getting something to fit those arched windows but we promise you won’t break the bank or your budget with our shutters. You get them straight from us so it’s the right fit every time for reasonable prices.

You can add curtains or blinds above the arch to “tone down” or hide the arch if you want but why hide such an appealing window shape? You can also place curtains or blinds below the arch level but that can look awkward or haphazard. Curtain rods which can bend or are curved are also an option but difficult to find and install; not to mention finding or altering curtains to make it look good can be a headache. Some of these ideas do allow for extra light to come in while maintaining privacy but it isn’t the look for everyone. Feel free to try a few of these ideas and check interest or other how-to sites for more ideas.

If you want blinds or shutters for your arched windows contact Signature Shutters. Our blinds may not be able to fit the arch but if you like the look of the options mentioned above then wood shutters may be the way to go. Shutters are always a great option because they accentuate the curve and allow for total window coverage and light blocking if you so choose.

However you choose to cover or treat your arched windows, contact Signature Shutters and we’ll get you squared (or curved) away so you can move on to your next project.


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